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Safety Tips

For the first new lining, the requirements of Silica Ramming Mix is almost 50% of the Furnace Capacity in weight. No need to apply any magnet before heating in our material. Ramming Mix is heated up to 70° C to remove any traces of moisture. Then heated Ramming Mix is allowed to cool down and bonding material or Boric Acid is mixed thoroughly before ramming.

Inspect coil coating after breaking the previous lining. Put Former & Asbestos Mill Board (of proper thickness) properly and start ramming layer by layer. Please see that each and every place is equally rammed. For sintering heat use Super Heavy, Heavy scarp only. The Scarp should be kept up to the Furnace Coil level. Sintering cycle should be done perfectly. Patching Lining, Ramming should be done after removing slag portion completely.

It has been observed that the life of acid lining with 5 patching has been attained to level of even 300 heats or more. Lining life very much depends upon quality of scarp used, chemistry of scarp, atmospheric and environmental conditions and other facts, including power supply position etc. Super heavy and heavy scarp will give maximum yield of molten metal and more lining life, whereas in bundles, turning boring scarp, yield is poor, as well as lining life will be lesser. The acid lining, however, is more prone to failure when excessively rusty scarp is used. Failure of a furnace is never an operation of Ramming Mix only, it has got to do with several factors.